Loving the Person in the Mirror

Posted on: February 3, 2013

a must read on rappler.com: 'Loving the Person in the Mirror' by @victoria_herrera <3

I admire people who has it all figured out or even those who seem like they do. They live lives of courage and are keen on going after all that they want without having to apologize for it. The last part irks me a bit when it involves trampling on other people or doing it through unacceptable means but I have to say their passion is quite amazing.

Life is tough, that’s a given. Jesus already immortalized the fact that we will have many troubles in this world. The thing is it’s not just about the outside world that we deal with everyday. For the most part, we fight an inner war with, yes you guessed it, ourselves. Flesh is flesh. By nature it’s confused, insatiable and kind of selfish. Imagine arguing with your nature. It’s hard. You’d probably get nowhere and at the end of it all when you think it’s done and over you find out you are back to square one.

I highly value my faith in Christ and I humbly acknowledge that if not for Him I would probably still be insanely at war with myself. There were many things that happened in the past that I’m not very proud of and somehow those things that can be considered a “win” turned out to be nothing compared to my mistakes… or so I thought. Discouragement is a bad drug. It kills your hope and gets you addicted to self-pity.

I thought I was alone in this until I read this article that Victoria wrote. Now we’re two. Scrolling down though I read more comments and thought, “Hey, there are others!” The hardest and easiest battle to be won is that with the self. Love conquers it almost immediately and almost all scars are forgotten.

more about Victoria here and her article here.

photo by Victoria Herrera




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