Ladies “Nails” Night Out

Posted on: January 9, 2014

20140110-114626.jpg (from the top, clockwise) me, karen, denise, jeta and inah

The ladies from our growthgroup have been planning this (burger)-mani-pedi night since last year! Well, considering last year was just a few days back, it wasn’t really a long time ago (saying it that way just makes it more intense, haha!) Finally, all our schedules were forgiving and the nail night happened!

Sissy’s at Molito was very, very accommodating. The place is refreshing with calming music on loop to assure you of a relaxing experience. All their nail experts were in a good mood despite the cramped space they had to work in (this is because the 5 of us asked to be seated next to each other 😛 yes, they are okay with those cheesy, clingy requests too.) Sissy’s is open from 9 in the morning to 10 in the evening and if I’m not mistaken the last call for reservation (depending on the service you want) is at 8:30! Better to call ahead if you’re coming as a group of giddy girls so they can reserve a space for you.

I do think I am one of the clumsiest customers to deal with in terms of keeping the nail polish smudge-free. I just can’t seem to keep still. (Many thanks to Ate Jane for having a patient spirit!) Quite probably one of the many reasons why the paint on my fingernails never go beyond 3 hours until its whacked! It’s a different story with my toenails though, it really lasts! To think that I always break one of the paramount rules of pedicure which is “not to wear closed shoes after” haha! oh well!

Interesting how even when I am so careful in taking care of my fingernail polish, it’s the first one to get ruined and no matter how totally careless I am with the polish on my toenails, they stay in top shape. Kind of like life — haha! allow me to inject wisdom from my nail care experiences — when you hold on too tight to something that’s when things become shaky and when you let go and loosen up that’s when things just seem to fall into perfect place — sigh, life 😀

20140110-114848.jpg happy ladies and a tiger

Happy nails, happy faces! Yeah, it’s one of those photos wherein everyone looks great and you look.. well.. like someone who needs the face of a tigress because of really bad hair day, closed eyes and an awkward smile. haha! Apparently everyone was perfect and I… I was just not ready!

To be completely honest, I’m not really big on how my nails should be dressed in polish and yes most polishes, if not all, are bad for your health because it doesn’t let your nails breathe and it’s leeching out chemicals through your tips the longer it stays there. But for the purposes of bonding and spending time with the girls, I’m all for it! To more nights (or days) of fun fellowship!




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