gray, grey

Posted on: February 1, 2013

i looked down and this is what i saw.

Have you had those days when you felt like you can do anything and nothing could go wrong? Well, the photo above was taken on one of those magnificent days. It wasn’t perfect but after deciding that it will be a great one, then it was. *grateful* I guess much of how your day goes from good to bad is determined by how you view everything that comes your way sun up to sun down. So should you choose to get out of bed feeling all defeated and bored about what the day brings because you don’t have a “big event” planned out, don’t be surprised if your day turns out bland. Compare it to deciding to welcome a bright morning and make that day a “big event” not based on circumstances or plans but simply because it’s a brand new day ready to be lived and enjoyed. I’m a hundred percent sure, minus all sarcastic remarks that you and I can think of, it’s going to be what you expect — A GREAT DAY! A good day can pass as what others say as “lucky” but a great day is by choice.




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