Posted on: December 10, 2012

wait not, go now!
What is it that you really want? With all odds for you and all favor on you, what would you reply? With a promise that you will have it and that you will have it now… what would be your answer to that question?

I’ve asked this myself many times and the answer often changes. This depends on my experiences, influences and desires at that time. Eventually I found one thing that is constant. I was simply seeking peace. That contented feeling of not needing or wanting anything anymore. That lasting joy and love that keeps increasing on its own. That assurance that you did not miss anything God set for you to do and that you are on the right track. No matter what “want” that masks itself in a form of an object or a concept come my way, it all boils down to finally having that feeling that once you have it, hopefully you’d want no more.

Unmask your “wants” and find out what it is you truly desire. You’ll soon realize it’s seldom tangible and almost always it is something pure and simple making it easier to get. Then that which was once insatiable is now completely satisfied.





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